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"The light output is like a brilliant lightning flash compared to a firefly." 

Our Electronic Visual Signal Devices are easily seen at over five Nautical Miles at night.  Thats 5 times further than most USCG Approved strobes and lights.  Be Seen, Be Saved.

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North American Survival Systems

RatingNAL Rescue strobe. B.E.S.T.
     A Truly revolutionary piece of essential equipment. You need to be seen to survive. I have used inferior strobe location devices for over 30 years. Finally a product that can be seen from 7 miles. I have tested it personally. 80 Candela output with a high rate of flash. Housed in a rugged yet surprisingly well built and compact Aluminium housing. Simple push button activation. I have mounted mine using a Elasto lok Clamp backed up by the supplied high quality lanyard Delighted with my purchase cannot recommend it highly enough. Powerful C123 Lithium batteries supplied Guarantees 12 hrs minimum use. Great service from North American Survival Systems. Back this up with a Greatland Laser Flare for ultimate peace of mind. If you go to sea you need to buy this product. Submit your own review!
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Reviewed by:  from UK. - 4/7/2014
Ratingbusiness owner
The EF10 strobe is an amazing product for emergencies. Besides its convenient and small size, the bright LED lights assure me that I will be seen by search parties. I am so relieved to know I don't have to use and depend on pyrotechnic flares for my rescue.
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Reviewed by:  from Washington. - 3/5/2014
RatingSAR Volunteer & Avid Puget Sound Boater
Outstanding product and well worth the cost. I carry this flare for use in my SAR activities as well as boating out on the Sound. I don't leave home without it. In my opinion, this product is one of the 10 essentials any hiker, SAR or boater should have.
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Reviewed by:  from Everett, WA. - 7/8/2014
Very well made and works. We were able to visually see the strobe (flare)from six miles over the water. Would recommend for ditch bag. Would like a longer leash.
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Reviewed by:  from Poulsbo. - 6/26/2014
Very well made and extremely bright. They will supplement my regular flares on my boat and I will have it attached to my PFD at all times. Excellent customer service when one of the flares arrived in the on position due to mail handling. A prompt replacement of the batteries by NALF resolved this.
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Reviewed by:  from Alberta. - 6/17/2014
This is an excellent piece of equipment. We tested the flare on the water and could see over the water a distance of six miles plus. This was boat to boat. The SOS was very visible. We would like a leash to prevent lose especially in heavy seas. We would recommend keeping the flare at the helm station or in the ditch bag.
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Reviewed by:  from Poulsbo. - 6/26/2014