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Our LED strobes and LED Torches exceed USCG Approval Standards for Life Vest Lights, Personal Lights , and Strobes.  They are visible at night over a 6 mile radius in all directions, that's an area of over 100 square miles.

When you buy a LED Strobe signal product, you want one that is so bright that anyone looking for you will see it on the first pass.  Why trust your survival to anything less.

Our UAV and Drone strobes use this same long range signal technology.  It will allow you to fly further by increasing daylight VFR line of sight distance and provide visual sense and avoid capabilities to lessen your liability. If you fly on a dark night, plan on seeing it over 5 miles away.

If you need more information or have a specific question please give me a call.

Thank You 

Jim O'Meara