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We are pleased to introduce the EF-10A-1
Electronic Flare.  This compact, hand held, visual distress signal, was seen further in an independent Government test over other comparable products on the market. In my opinion, "It is truly a distress signal that can actually be seen and that is really a good reason to have one." 

We use this same patented, High Output, driving process in our LED UAV and Drone Strobes making the unmanned aircraft easier for the operator to see and the observers to see and avoid.  LED Strobes on UAVs and Drones are expected to be a mandatory FAA requirement.  Drone operators report that the EF-10A-1 strobe extends their line of sight operating range and they feel confident that the UAV Strobe will reduce their operator's overall liability by making their Drones and UAVs visible to other aircraft and the general public.  

We are also teamed with Drone Services USA offering their fine UAV and Drone products and services to the Northwestern US and Canadian markets.

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